The Difference Between the CAPM and PMP Certification Exams

There are a lot of professional certifications available when someone wants to opt for project management. Choosing the right project, according to it, is very important as it determines your skills and fundamentals for working in an organization. It takes a lot of time to analyze the requirement and basic goals of attending a certificate. Professional certification is very important while working in an organization as the training process enhances the knowledge and skills for working on a project


What is CAPM?

CAPM is the acronym for the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and this often deals with the returns and the risk while working on a project. It is very important to keep track of the return of assets of the business for proper conduct. It provides a model for calculating easily which letter helps the company in estimating the project. Managing the project and company is very crucial; hence, proper estimation of everything is very important. The process of estimating the assets, start from getting the data about the stock exchange and index. It is very crucial to calculate the market returns for proper evaluation and calculation of CAPM. This model is extremely easy to use and consists of easy consists of calculations. The most important figure while calculating CAPM is the beta coefficient. 

Advantages of CAPM Certification 

Getting CAPM certification provides a lot of benefits to the one who is getting certified. CAPM is recognized globally, and it provides high professional knowledge, which is acknowledged globally. It trains the person with various project management tools and techniques which prepare the person for working in an organization. The training includes practices and techniques known for increasing the success rate for a project and reducing the risks. Getting a CAPM certificate can be considered a privilege as it is relatively one of the most difficult exams to pass and provides instant recognition in the organization. The proper certification is the morality certificate holder. Undoubtedly,getting a certificate of CAPM career options with a greater salary. CAPM is one of the most prestigious, and it provides the person with a lot of other benefits in an organization as well. 


What is PMP

PMP is a basic and one of the most important certifications one should possess while working as a project manager. It indicates that the person is properly skilled and possesses a high level of experience and education required for the job. The certificate of PMP is often given out by the Project Management Institute and is globally recognized. That has always been a high demand for project managers in every company. These professionals are highly skilled with the required knowledge and skills, which almost eliminates all types of risks. While hiring, every company looks for someone who can lead a team to achieve a unanimous managerial goal. It provides an advantage for people with PMP certification to get a job more easily as they are satisfied with the certain skills which are required by the company. 


Advantages of PMP Certification

Someone who has a certification of PMP possesses a lot of benefits while working in a company. The most important factor while working and the company is salary. The person who is a certified project manager earns a much higher salary compared to someone who does not have a professional certification. Getting the certificate is an extremely high privilege as it provides recognition, which is appreciated globally. A certified project manager has adequate knowledge and skills required for the successful completion of a project that the company rewarded later. 


The Difference? 

With this certificate being highly prestigious, they have their differences. Getting the CAPM certification required to pass an extremely tough test for which the candidate has to study extremely thoroughly. PMP is completely based on experience, and it requires proper implementation of knowledge in a rightful way. CAPM is mostly theoretical knowledge about the basic functioning of assets in management. At the same time, PMP is a situational based certificate that certifies that the person is capable of handling any projects for the company. 


Both the certificates are highly prestigious, and it provides the candidate with global recognition. Both of the certification exams are completely different based on the course of study and the required skills training. The certificates earn the person a higher spot in the organization because of their qualifications and great skills. 

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