How NicotinamideRiboside Chloride Works

Nowadays, people are obsessed with looking and feeling young. Obviously everyone would like to like they have not aged a day over 25, but that is not possible. As we age, our body keeps changing and aging. With increasing age, the human body starts becoming inefficient with passing days.

All bodily processes do not function as smoothly as they did when a person was young. And because of this, people are on a quest to find the best anti-aging products and various other things, like diet plans, fad workouts, expensive treatments, supplements, etc.

Because of this scientists and product developers are trying out various substances to find out if they can help in slowing down the effects of aging on the human body. One such substance is nicotinamideriboside chloride, also known as nicotinamideriboside, niacin, NIAGEN, or NR. The possibility that this substance is capable of reversing the sign of aging has made it extremely popular. Now scientists are carrying out its clinical trials on humans to study its effects in the long term and short term.

  • Effects as per the duration of intake:

In the short term, it is seen that NR is capable of increasing levels of NAD+ in the human body, which helps the body in repairing itself from within and is the key ingredient in various important bodily processes. It has shown little to no side effects in the short term.

But, there is no solid evidence on its effects on the human body if administered for a long time. Until any further tests, we cannot say how effective the intake of NR is for anti-aging and other health concerns.

  • How does it work?

NAD+ is an organic compound required by the human body to complete biological processes. When other precursors of B3 have to go through a certain process to get converted into NAD+, through a certain route, NR does not have to go through that process and gets converted in NAD+ very easily. This is the reason why NR has become very popular. NR is a vitamin that must be taken through your diet.

  • Where is it found?

There are 8 types of vitamin Bs, and NR is a type of vitamin B3. It can be found in small amounts in dairy products, yeast, and even beer. Other types of vitamin B3 are nicotinamide and nicotinic acid or niacin. These may sound familiar because we often see them as an ingredient in various products. B3 vitamins are considered to be so important for the human body that governments mandate it to be a part of our diets in order to ward off fatal diseases.

Even with all the seemingly positive impacts of NR in increasing levels of NAD+ or getting converted into NAD+ quicker than other precursors like Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) and using less energy to do so, it is yet to be known if it truly yields any good.

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