Air Pollution Causes and Effects on Health

It is now a fact, air pollution effects and causes millions of deaths. Outdoor air pollution effects and causes an estimated 800,000 deaths each year. Indoor air pollution effects and causes an additional 1.6 million premature deaths. Air pollution is the single greatest environmental threat to human health. The situation in Canada is not better, according to the Canadian Medical Association, air pollution causes an estimated 21,000 deaths. In USA, air pollution causes 200,000 deaths each year. The situation will get worse in the years to come.

Nobody is immune and no community is safe from air pollution. There is no doubt now about the devastating effects of air pollution on American’s health. Moreover, from now on till 2031, 7,000,000 Americans will die from long term chronic exposure, year after year, by air pollution. People will die mostly from cardio-vascular and respiratory illnesses, 42% and 11% respectively.

People over 65 years old are the ones mostly affected. This year alone this population segment will count for 80% of premature deaths. it means that there will be an important increase in the future air pollution causes and effects on health damages. There will be an increase also for children and babies with fragile health exposed to air pollution.


The Midwest population, where heavy industries are located, and population of big cities like New-York, will have the biggest share of premature and serious deaths. Rural Regions are also affected because air pollution is dumped in those areas by the wind. Over this death rate increases, other deplorable consequences can be forecast. For example, it is estimated that 180,000 people suffering from air pollution shall be admitted to hospitals, this is an increase of 62% in the last 20 years and, for the same period, the increase for the people over 65 years old will reach 102%.

A truthful evidence that the situation is aggravating. Air pollution causes around 6.000,000 visits to the doctors in 2008. This number should go over 9,000,000 by the year 2031 if the quality of air remains the same during this period of time, this is without mentioning the increase in the Emergency Rooms.


For 2008, the economic costs are estimated to 100 billions and this amount should go up to 3,000 billions by the year 2031, according to the model used by ICAP (Illness Costs and Air Pollution). It is clear now that the climatic changes have a direct impact on the public health and that air pollution should be addressed with adequate public policies.


According to Dr Becky Natrajan, a well known American Endocrinologist, the only suitable way to alleviate this disastrous impact of air pollution effects on our health is through Nutritional Cleansing. Body cleansing at an internal level is a hot topic, and for good reasons. Body cleansing is more necessary now than ever because we live in a very toxic world: air pollution, herbicides, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, food additives, synthetic drugs etc…Body cleansing is much more necessary because those toxins can have an adverse effect on our cells, internal organs and state of health. Last year alone, over 20 millions pounds of antibiotics were injected into our farm animals.

Body cleansing is not only a safeguard against air pollution effects on our health but is also more than necessary because many insecticides and pesticides have become part of our food pyramid and these noxious chemicals are mixed with our fruits and vegetables. We are chronically exposed to harmful substances. Finally, body cleansing is necessary because our soils are poisoned with chemicals. Air pollution causes also the foods to be deprived of their essential nutrients-primarily minerals-to perform optimally. The nutritionally bankrupt body is an invitation to illness and disease.

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